Castle Hill Pre-School
Kindergarten Inc.

Greenup Park, Castle Hill NSW. Phone: 02 9634 1533


The Day


Educators greet pre-school children as they arrive from 8.15am.  Parents sign their child in at the sign in table for their room.

Children unpack their bags, placing morning teas, lunch in  their appropriate group basket.  The drink bottle goes into their locker with their bag. Children go outside (with hats on) in Term 1 and 4 or inside in Term 2 and 3.

Parents say goodbye to their child and educators before leaving.

Outside Play

A variety of experiences are programmed each day in the different areas of our outside environment.

Here is a glimpse - gross motor activities such as climbing and balancing on the blue softfall and target practice on the green soft-fall.  Road safety with bikes on the biketrack. Sand play with diggers and shovels, home corner in the cubby, books in the gazebo, dancing with streamers on the stage, digging in the garden, ball games on the lawn, construction and craft activities on the verandah.

Our preschool children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of passive and active experiences daily.  Their chosen activities are fostered by their interests, enjoyment and friends.

Inside Play

During inside time, the children participate in a wide range of activities; painting, craft, collage, drawing, playdough, books, puzzles, fine motor toys, blocks, construction, science activities and dramatic play.  These different areas/activities are implemented daily based on the children's interests and development.

An integral part of our days are group times.  The children are involved in planned large and small group activities of language, music and movement.  The children experience communication and language skills and positive social behaviours of turn taking, sharing and being part of a group.

These structured group times are one of our main strategies to promote transitioning to school.

Morning Tea / Lunch / Afternoon Tea

At Castle Hill Pre-School Kindergarten Inc. we promote healthy eating and are active participants in the Department of Health's "Munch and Move Program".  It is important that children learn to eat the healthy options for a healthier lifestyle.  Within our program we discuss and promote "everyday foods" and the children learn about the "sometimes food".

As part of our school readiness program children bring a lunchbox filled with healthy nutritious foods, such as:

Morning Tea - fruit; vegetables; yoghurt or plain crackers with cheese

Lunch - sandwich; wrap; rice; pasta; salad; fruit or yoghurt

Afternoon Tea (optional) - fruit or vegetables only

Children drink water only while at preschool.

All our food is refrigerated and no food is re-heated.


Families can choose to collect their children from 2.40 - 3.30pm.  All children and families are to be out of the gate by 3.45pm, otherwise a late fee shall be charged.  Parents/carers must sign their child out before leaving.  Parents  collect their child and together say goodbye to their educators.

Preschooler collects backpack and walks out with parent through the gates.